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Current IATE Gateway Release Notes

Release notes for version 2.5.34:

The following components have been modified:
iate_server.exe 2.5.34
Various bug fixes and enhancements.

gconfig.exe 1.4
CONNECT_ON will accept IP addresswithout attempting name resolution

iate32.dll 2.4.17
IateOpen will accept IP address without attempting name resolution.

iate_prt.exe 1.67
New character translation feature added; various bug fixes.

winiate.exe 3.1.9
Menus remain available after entering PF key Pause mode. Window state restored after exiting Pause mode.

Fixed window resizing for 64/80 column switch.
Added support for Worldspan IP.

x25gate.exe 2.3.10
Change to debugging: limit line length.

Bug Fixes:
iate_server.exe 2.5.30
First version with any windows 2000 P&P support.

Add server_events.log file - created by Default. This is a log that contains condensed information about important events in the gateway.

iate_server.exe 2.5.33
Improve behavior of client disconnect issued from gateway monitor

Default Sabre keepalives to on for Sabre IP connections. This keeps Sabre from disconnecting the line after two minutes of inactivity.

Accept IP addresses instead of names, without trying to resolve the IP address to a name.

iate_server.exe 2.5.34
Galileo/Apollo IP now identifies first block correctly. Was not getting C1/C2 correctly, which usually didn't cause a problem, but sometimes caused an erroneous character to show up as the first character of a message.

Only allow one GCID per configuration file for Worldspan WSEMATIP.

Improve reconnect logic when a Sabre TA is disconnected from the OFEP due to timeout by the Sabre loadbalancer. Applications using the corresponding object in the Gateway should be able to reconnect to the Sabre host more quickly.

gconfig.exe 1.4
Fix gconfig to correctly define objects when the configuration downloaded from Galileo/Apollo contains only printers.

No longer tries to resolve IP addresses to names. In other words, if an IP address is specified, it is used directly.
Added the ability to specify secondary character translations in the printer program configuration file.